Science Museum

Scientifically spellbinding museum

The Science Museum is one of the city’s major tourist attractions on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the cultural heart of London. With its interactive and educational exhibits covering everything from early technology to space travel, there’s something for everyone. The Museum is known for its immersive, fascinating exhibits that attract millions of visitors annually, but it is also a world-class events venue with versatile spaces.

The Science Museum is the perfect destination for an inspirational event experience, where guests can immerse themselves in scientific discovery after hours. It’s wide range of unique galleries, capacities and blank canvas spaces means that we can cater for many different kinds of events.

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Diverse, Unique, Inspiring

Standing Capacities


Seated Capacities



Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD

Did you know?

The Science Museum origins lie in the Great Exhibition of 1851. Nothing like it had ever been seen before and following on from the phenomenal success of the Great Exhibition, part of the profit was used to set up the South Kensington Museum. Both the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum were originally known as the South Kensington Museum, which opened in 1858. This museum housed art and science objects and the collections of grew so large that by 1893 the collections were split. The Science Museum was officially established on 26 June 1909.

The venue
Spaces Standing Seated
  • Making the Modern World 750 400
  • Tomorrows World 400 250
  • Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery 400 32
  • Flight 400 400
  • Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries 400 -
  • Exploring Space 300 180
  • Mathematics: The Winton Gallery 200 30
  • Energy Hall 500 -
  • Engineer Your Future 220 -
  • Information Age 400 -
  • Who Am I? 300 -