A word from our Head Chef on Summer at Clerkenwell Green

Our Head Chef, Mike Dewing, designs his menus to showcase the best seasonal, locally sourced produce available throughout the year.

He aims to ensure that ingredients are used thoughtfully and works to minimise waste at every turn. He is happy to design bespoke menus for client requests and loves the creative opportunities they present; from a dessert designed to reflect a ballerinas’ pirouette to a fully sustainable menu using future-proof protein sources – any brief will be met and delivered with style.

When the summer season hits with warm sunshine, green grass, longer days we have time to enjoy the abundance of fresh produce available to us.

Time to exploit the seasons offerings. Asparagus, Jersey royals, peppers, radish, watercress, rhubarb, tomatoes, soft herbs and baby leaves to name but a few.

The food we create for our summer menus take on a lighter form. Cooking times are reduced to preserve the nutrients and colours that the season has to offer. We increase the finesse required to keep dishes delicate and well balanced. Leaving the heavier root veg and braised dishes behind, we focus more on the produce that sits above ground.

Without being too pretentious with our food, it’s all about grouping ingredients to deliver interesting flavour and texture profiles without being too challenging. We use ingredients in a way that makes sense, sometimes challenges but never alienates.  We don’t do gimmicks or overwork our ingredients, just great produce cooked and presented beautifully.

Summer offers an abundance of flavour and interesting ways to introduce that into our menus. Less salt and fat, more herbs, spices and fruits to gain flavour, diversity and complexity.

As it is our busiest time of year, we rarely stop once the season is under way so organisation and preparation are key to good time management and end success. Our menus reflect that energy and excitement whilst harnessing the best the produce has to offer.